Since 2017, we have supported and initiated arts and cultural activities in the greater Temagami region of Northeastern Ontario. We have established an art gallery that showcases and sells the works of regional and indigenous artists. Check us out at the train station which has been restored to it’s original aesthetic with all the oak finishes! We promote community interest, engagement, appreciation, and education in the arts, culture, heritage, local history, and other areas. 

Artist Collective

The Temagami Art Gallery and its artistic collective exists to give a voice to professional, amateur, and developing artists of all backgrounds. Special programming offered in person, and through our digital platform, includes visual arts, crafts, performance arts, cultural exhibitions, and experiential learning events.

Our Mission

We connect, cultivate, and engage our community through the arts. Arts and culture are fundamentally linked to the quality of life, health, and wellness of all citizens.

We shape identities, fostering life-long learning, promoting creativity and innovation, and engaging citizens across generations. We encourage active participation through arts and culture.

Our Vision

We envision a vibrant, connected community engaged in discovering, exploring, and creating all art forms. The supportive power of extended family in all its definitions is embraced, as is the belief that the spirit and energy of community, and our participation in it, empowers and transforms.

The warmth, enthusiasm, and unity of our cultural hub echo throughout the Temagami area. This serves as an example of the inclusive community making, kinship, and cultural expression that can be created and embraced.

Our Values

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Heritage and History


Art and Culture





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Community Programming

Living Temagami s’efforce de créer des programmes communautaires inclusifs et abordables pour tous les membres de la communauté. Nous nous adressons spécifiquement aux jeunes, aux familles et aux personnes âgées en leur proposant des programmes d’exercices, un soutien de groupe, des événements familiaux, des visites et des expositions interactives, etc.

Our Funders

We Are Here