Indian Head Massage
Neck, Shoulder & Upper Back

This is a legendary healing art that is guaranteed to leave you feeling re-energized, calm and focused. It involves using several massage techniques covering the entire head, neck and shoulder area. Clearing of the sinuses is included – an excellent treatment for prevention of sinus congestion and seasonal allergies.

Indian head massage includes pressure point areas and neck and scalp rotations relieving muscle tension in the neck and shoulder area.

This treatment is a perfect choice to combine with back and neck and reflexology massage. Indian head massage is excellent if you suffer from headaches/migraines, eye strain and upper back and neck stiffness. It is truly beneficial for many stress-related ailments of modern day life.

Indian head massage is another long ago healing way used in many traditional native cultures.

“When I first came to Victoria for the Indian head massage and upper back treatment, I was in bad shape. I could hardly sit or walk. Victoria new exactly what to do and is ever so professional. She knew what my body needed and gave me care. What and exceptionally kind, gifted woman.”

Linda M     

“Victoria’s ability to know what I needed and her compassionate way that she explained it to me has helped me so much to integrate the healing work that we do together. I find her work remarkable, her fees fair and reasonable. I have traveled to spas and healing retreats all over the world and no one compares to Victoria. She is a true healer.”

Diane D