New Projects

The purpose of the Living Temagami Arts and Culture is to promote community interest, engagement, appreciation, and education in the arts, culture, heritage, local history, and other areas.

Living Temagami is currently the offering support to two small business incubator projects in our community.

It shouldn’t hurt to be a child” T-shirts

Hugh McKenzie’s work of “Mother and Child” t-shirts are for sale supporting First Nations. Hugh’s designs are available in white and black for $20 each, unisex and women’s sizes XS-3XL. Shipping is an extra fee, please email us at for inquires!

The Art Kits Project

Artist and entrepreneur Laura Irvine has recently begun a project selling pre-made art kits, allowing buyers to create art at home with little muss or fuss! Personalized art kits made with love and care in our region are highly portable, so the kits can be made with families, children and friends anywhere. Each kit also includes written instructions, and a link to online instructional videos made in our community.

The kits cover a number of artforms, and crafts, while also highlighting local cultural influences.

To find out more information, or to purchase a kit to support the work of this new project, visit the Temagami Train station or our e-commerce site here

The Great Printing Press Project

Celebrated local artist and entrepreneur Hugh McKenzie is tackling a new area of art distribution. With his new printer, he will now make his highly celebrated art designs available to the public in various alternative “usable art” mediums.

Hugh McKenzie is also interested in the challenge of creating wearable, personalized art designs for Indigenous communities and events across Canada and beyond! He is delighted to showcase his culture and spiritual influences through his Northern Indigenous art techniques, and looks forward to seeing his artwork “on the street” in the near future.

To purchase wearable art from this project, or to arrange a personalized group order for a major family or community event, visit the Temagami Train station, or email us. Examples of wearable art can also be found on our e-commerce site here