Board Members

The purpose of the Living Temagami Arts and Culture is to promote community interest, engagement, appreciation, and education in the arts, culture, heritage, local history, and other areas.

The Team

Our creative team

Hugh McKenzie

Hugh McKenzie, Spirit Name … Zaagiidgeaway Gabo (Standing Out In The Open) ). First Nation Ojibwe Elder,
Artist, Musician, Traditional Healer & Native Drug and Alcohol Counselor from Temagami First Nation, Bear
Island Ontario.

I lived my early childhood in the traditional native way on our family trap-lines on Lake Temagami, hunting, fishing and gathering. During our winter months I learned about our lifestyle and spiritual ways through the Elders and Medicine People. Storytelling and spiritual teachings were given to me by my Grandfathers, Grandmothers and parents. This was the beginning of the “Seven Grandfather Teachings”. During these early years I also understood how family lifestyle teachings were the strengths to help us into adulthood. I watched as my childhood friends were taken away to residential schools by the Indian agents and policemen. This would have a deep effect on me for the rest of my life. When they returned home I saw their emptiness and low self worth and lack of interest in family lifestyle and spiritual culture and growth. I lost many of my best friends to suicide.

I believe our Sacred Healing Ceremonies and the Native Seven Grandfather Teachings is the true healing path to help guide us to forgiveness of ourselves and others. The path of recovery of old values and traditional spiritual ways will help all people who seek Oneness with our Creator. I struggled with my alcohol addiction for 40 years. It was through the Sweat-Lodge, Healing Ceremonies and Sharing Circle Teachings, that I was helped, and came around to self awareness, honesty and acceptance of myself and my personal commitment and belief in our Creator. I now celebrate over 25 years of sobriety, I have participated and facilitated in many different teaching/healing events, Sweat Lodge, Healing Lodge, Sunrise Ceremony, Hand Drum Making, Sacred Pipe Ceremonies and I continue to follow the 12 step recovery program. I use my art and music as tools for “Healing with Art and Music” in art classes that I teach throughout different communities, schools and Cultural Centers on and off reserves. I have been running my own art gallery from our home on the Bear Island reserve for the past 30 years.

I reside with my partner Victoria who is also a Traditional Healer, Helper and Spiritual Teacher and has her own successful healing practice offering help and guidance to many native and non native peoples for the past 30 years. We reside now in the town of Temagami at our home we call The Longhouse QuietLand Healing Lodge. We share and practice our Native Teachings together and offer healing and spiritual guidance in our community, as well as travel to other communities both native and non native. To further my Teachings as an Elder I have an Ontario College Diploma from Canadore College, North Bay, Ontario. I completed the Indigenous Wellness & Addiction Prevention Program and I am a certified Native Drug and Alcohol Counsellor. I am available to offer large and small group native Art Teachings, Drum Making, as well as Sharing Circles and one on one counselling for all addictions.


Mary Laronde

Mary has retired from the Union of Ontario Indians. Mary specializes in Anishinaabe governance, self-government, land stewardship, community development, consultation, and communications.

Dave MacDonald

Chair of the (Volunteer) Board of Directors

Dave MacDonald began feeling the pull of Temagami in the early ‘70s, however his career took him away from the region but he could never escape the feeling that Temagami was meant to be his home.

Dave’s career spanned several sectors but his greatest enjoyment came when engaging in business start-ups. He takes pride in the businesses he has had a hand in building but his greatest pride comes from the Dock and Marine System Manufacturing Plant that was successfully transitioned to a second generation family owned & operated business.

After being a seasonal resident on Cassels Lake, Dave and his wife Mary, retired to a permanent residence in Temagami. When the opportunity arose to become the Chair of the Volunteer Board (Living Temagami), Dave put his business knowledge and experience to work for the nonprofit organization. Dave and his wife Mary, are dedicated to growing Living Temagami – Arts & Culture, as well as bringing the talents and wisdom of the Temagami people beyond the Temagami region.

Gerald Richard Gooderham

Gerald Richard Gooderham, born in 1953 in North Bay, Ontario but lived in Oakville for most of my younger life. My grandfather, Gordon Stewart Gooderham, was the first of the family to come to Lake Temagami in 1901.  In 1926, Gordon started a tourist fishing resort, Camp Chimo. I spent every summer from the time I was born, living, playing and working at this camp, on Island 665 It would be twenty years before I came back to these northern roots and make Lake Temagami my permanent home for more than 40 years. . One thing that was always present in my life was my mother and her Rolleiflex 2.8 F camera. This influenced me thoughout my life and the result was for me to become a photographer later in life.

I started a contracting business  in  1982 G.R.Gooderham Construction on Lake Temagami  and ran it for 35  years and retired in 2017. In 2008  I started Gooderham  Photography. I did  not retire from Photography.

One thing that was always present in my life was my mother and her Rolleiflex 2.8 F camera. This influenced me thoughout my life and the result was for me to become a photographer later in life.  In 2008  I started Gooderham  Photography, it was in 2000 that photography became a serious pastime again.I began with several courses at Canadore College and after a few years gained a better understanding of the digital process (Photoshop©) and digital cameras. Film was still important in my life and so for two years I went back to the basics in the darkroom. In 2006, I enrolled in The New York Institute of Photography; I graduated with honors two years later. The North would become a main focus and theme for my work . I am very active in the Photography  community and  the  photography business.