Our Team

The purpose of the Living Temagami Arts and Culture is to promote community interest, engagement, appreciation, and education in the arts, culture, heritage, local history, and other areas.

Our Team

Hannah Pritchard is the newest member of Living Temagami. She is the first smiling face you see when you enter the gallery. As part of her important role, she drives projects towards their strategic vision by providing administrative support, website and advertising design, and operation of our social medias. Hannah grew up in Elk Lake On, this small northern town kick-started the love she shares for rural northern communities. With an enthusiastic approach to learning and collaboration, she sincerely enjoys interacting with clients and supporting the community.

At the time of this website’s revamp, Sean has been helping Kara with the website and is working through collage to become a programmer. He is working diligently to improve his skills in the field to pursue a long-term career in web design and development. He also grew up in the south not far from Kara.

Judy Gouin

Jury Member

Judy Gouin grew up in Ottawa and Kingston, Ontario. She is a graduate of the Chelsea School of Art in London, England. She worked in screen printing, combined with photography, for twelve years at Open Studio in Toronto. In the ‘eighties, she stopped working as an artist to be the Film,  Photography and Video Officer at the Ontario Arts Council. In 1991, she moved to Temagami and has worked in painting ever since. She volunteers at Living Temagami Arts & Culture Centre as a member of the jury for artists exhibiting in the gallery.

Kara Arnew has been working with us since the summer of 2022 as a summer student. We are glad she has stuck around to help us out at the gallery. She works with Hannah at the front desk to accommodate your needs and assist with purchases. Kara helps with inventory management, gallery management, website maintenance, website translation (French), and helps French-speaking customers when needed. Kara comes from Chatham-Kent, which is a bit south of town, with a strong dedication to helping the community.

Victoria has been facilitating Sharing Circles for over 25 years as well as offering ongoing Spiritual Life Way Teachings, Native art classes, drum making workshops, retreats for meditation and Women’s Gatherings for Healing and recovery of self.  All of these gatherings are held in a sacred way, giving thanks to the Creator and being mindful to show respect and gratitude for the gifts from Mother Nature and all the helping Spirits in nature.