Holistic Healing Massage
With Organic Herbs & Essential
Plant Oils

The hands are channels of healing energy. They heal at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

A massage combined with plant remedies is an excellent therapeutic treatment, as the organic oils together with skilled massage have mutually enhancing effects. With this healing treatment you will experience immediate relief from neck & shoulder tension, stiffness of the lower back & legs, clearing of the head & sinus areas.

”Victoria is an exceptionally gifted person, who has the infinite ability to connect, soothe and heal….the mind, body and soul. Her treatments are gentle and revitalizing, what I refer to as my “Hour Of Bliss”
Amie H

“My doctor says my chronic fatigue is improving and I feel that is due to your healing massage treatments. I especially like the combination of massage and reflexology. Let’s continue that.”
Teresa P