Holistic Spiritual
Medicine Wheel Reading

Victoria uses her gift as a Seer, her intuitive insights, and skills of holistic counsel to assist you in moving forward on your life path. The Life Way Teachings of the Medicine Wheel and the Four Sacred Directions are called upon to assist you in the learning and healing process.

Victoria uses the sacred cedar medicine to help guide the spiritual reading experience. Insight into your strengths and weaknesses and your innate creative abilities will be acknowledged. You will gain understanding in some of your life lessons, both of the past and present time. You will discover your own inner visions to create positive change in all areas of your life.

A greater sense of awareness and inner wisdom ‘your medicine’ will strengthen your spirit to help guide you forward to “Walk In Balance” in your life.

“I believe that Victoria is truly a healer and blessed with a deep sense of spirituality that communicates and manifests itself in her ability to help people on many levels. She has keen instincts in recognizing the unspoken and gently breaking down the barriers that are restricting the healing process.. We can all benefit from Victoria’s teaching and healing regardless of our cultural or ethnic backgrounds. I encourage, you the reader, to seek out the opportunities to utilize the gift that is Victoria Gentlebird”.

Paul G     

“A lifepath reading with Victoria is a unique experience…a combination of spending time with an enchanting kindred spirit and being in the presence of a caring, wise teacher. Her insights ring so true they evoke all kinds of positive feelings and well-being. I left our session knowing a real deep connection had been made and that a pivotal experience had taken place”.

Karen H     

“An amazing Guide thrives within Victoria Wilde and her soothing energy opens you up to the realm of Spirit. With each passing moment the knowledge we gather lives in our soul for eternity!”

Robert S