Walking in Wellness Reflexology With
Traditional Cedar Foot Bath

Reflexology encourages the elimination of toxins stored within the body and at the same time stimulates the body’s natural healing process. A treatment is deeply relaxing and plays an important role in stress control and preventative health care.

This is an ancient healing art that involves applying gentle but firm pressure to specific reflex points of the feet, hands and head. This stimulates bodily systems, reduces tension and releases blocked energy within the nerve pathways.

You will experience calm and full body relaxation as we begin this Traditional healing treatment with the Sacred Cedar foot bath. Cedar medicine cleanses, brings balance to all aspects of our well-being and reminds us to…

“Walk Softly Upon Mother Earth”.

“One has to experience a session with Victoria in order to truly appreciate her special gifts. She is gentle, yet masterful in her field. I truly enjoy my foot reflexology treatments but love all her healing ways”.

Angie S

“Victoria’s healing techniques are so comforting, soothing and respectful. The treatments have certainly helped me on the road to wellness and healing. I strongly recommend her.”

Faye R